By Sebastián Chacana Nov 15. 2018

«I try to be the kind of musician, and person, I would like to work with myself»

I’m really grateful for the opportunity” says Victor Brandt, right in the middle of touring as the newest member of Dimmu Borgir. Five months ago, the Norwegian musicians enlisted Victor to play bass on their 25th anniversary world tour. “It’s a pleasure and an honor”, he tells us about the experience, “It’s been truly awesome and the guys in the band are just as great people as the music they make”.

This new chapter in his career, nevertheless, doesn’t come alone. Even though Dimmu Borgir will be touring for a big part of 2019, he has found time to keep working strongly on his other projects. Firespawn, his death metal band with Alex Impaler and Göran Pretov is still alive and rocking, with concerts dates and recording new material. “Next year there will be more festivals and more tours… Just the way I like it”.

Finding good partners to go with this lifestyle is crucial, as they spend long hours together. “I try to be the kind of musician, and person, I would like to work with myself… Or see on stage if I were in the audience”. Victor tells us a Rob Zombie quote to sum it up:

Finding the right person for your band is almost impossible because you’re looking for three things. You have to find somebody who is an excellent musician. That’s the easiest thing to find; there are a million excellent musicians. Then you have to find somebody who’s really cool, that can stand onstage in front of 100,000 people and be amazing, and that whittles it down to a smaller group.”

Then you have to find somebody you can stand to be around 24/7… that shrinks down to about, ‘Here are the three people in the music industry I can stand to be around.’ That’s the trick.

I’m always humble when I approach new songs to learn, new (to me) bands to share the stage with or record with, and I think that is important” he concludes. In that matter, there’s a lot of ideas to keep playing in the future: “I’m very happy where I am right now” he tells us, “but maybe, when the time schedule is right, it’s always fun to play death metal, that’s something in my blood”. “Thrash Metal is a lot of fun too, but I get an outlet for that when I get to do gigs with Witchery. D-beat and grindcore maybe? Or maybe something very Old School? Something stoner would be a lot of fun too… Hahaha! We’ll see!”.

For five years now, Darkglass has been part of his sound: “I was always looking for something to improve my sound but after Darkglass I’ve stopped looking” he tells us. “Since my first Darkglass pedal I have used Darkglass on every single gig, I think it’s about one thousand gigs with a flawless performance from Darkglass… Now that’s gear you can trust!”.