Can I run the pedal to a different voltage?

Most of our pedals can be used with no problems with 12V or even 18V supplies, EXCEPT for :
- Microtubes X Ultra
- Alpha·Omega Ultra
- Microtubes B7K Ultra v2
- Vintage Ultra v2
- Hyper Luminal Compressor
- Super Symmetry Compressor
- B7K, B3K, VMT, VD made before 2016

Can I use my Darkglass amplifier with a different mains voltage?

All our amplifiers feature either a voltage selector or automatic main voltage switching. Please see if your amplifier has a red switch on the side to change the voltage. If the switch doesn't exist, the amplifier can safely be used with 100-120V and 220-240V voltages.

Please make sure that the switch is always in the correct position before powering up. Using the amplifier with the wrong voltage selection will destroy the power amplifier!

Can I use my Darkglass amplifier without a speaker load connected?

Yes, all of our amplifiers can safely be used without a speaker load for recording, connecting straight to FOH etc.

The Low Side on my Microtubes X7 distorts the signal

If the low signal on your Microtubes X7 (with High Level knob set to minimum) has a buzzy sound when the notes are decaying, please send us an email with your location and serial number to support@darkglass.com to get it fixed.

The pedal does not turn on

If your pedal won´t turn on, please check the following:
- Is the power supply connected and supplying 9VDC, with center negative polarity?
- If you have more than one pedal connected to the same power supply. Does the PS have enough current for all pedals?
- Check your DC power cables

If it still not working, please contact support@darkglass.com

The pedal is noisy

Please check:
- Are your cables correctly grounded?
- Are you near electromagnetic sources? like AC, fluorescent lamps, transformers, etc
- Is your bass wired correctly and, if active, with fresh batteries?
- Are you combining the pedals with other high gain pedals or compressors at the same time?
- Are you using a cheap switching power supply?
- Are you sharing the power supply with a digital pedal like a multiFX, delays, reverbs, etc?

Analog distortion pedals are most sensitive to the quality of the power supply. Digital ones are not that sensitive because they have their own internal regulated power supply (they work at 5v internally)
Generic transformer power supplies are not well regulated and will usually introduce 50/60 hz hum in high gain circuits.
Switching supplies work at much higher frequencies and will introduce 10kHz hiss or a high pitched whine.
We strongly recommend you to get a good quality regulated supply from e.g. Truetone, Styrmon, Cioks or Voodoo Labs.

also, please check if you are sharing power with a digital pedal, as they will also introduce hum or whine into the power line..

Can you recommend me a power supply for my pedals

Any regulated 9V DC center negative power supply designed for pedals, with a current rating of at least 250mA should work with all our pedals. If you need to power more pedals, you will need a power supply able to supply more mA. Most of the big companies have good power supplies (Truetone, Styrmon, Cioks, Voodoo Labs, etc.). Refer to manual for current consumption for each of our pedals.

What should I do if my Darkglass product has a problem?

If your Darkglass product has any issue, like a defect, malfunction, or any warranty-covered problem, please contact the dealer. He should be able to solve your problem much quicker than us from Helsinki. If they are not able to help you, please let us know and we will chime in to find a solution.

Can I use my pedal to record directly into my audio interface?

Yes! You can use the direct out or the normal output to connect it to your interface. Make sure that your interface and power supply have a good ground connection. Power supplies commonly have a floating ground to avoid ground loops. That means that the main ground connection on your chain is your amp. If your amp or interface does not have a good ground connection you probably will have hum. If that´s the case, try using the Ground Lift switch.

I have a Bass with 4 holes and I want to install the Tone Capsule how I can do it?

The Tone Capsule comes with 50k-linear center detent potentiometers. Best Bass Gear has a stacked version which you can use for two bands on the EQ (Bass and High Mids for example) and have 3 remaining holes for the thirds EQ band, and whatever volume/pickup configuration you prefer. A stacked/Dual pot is basically two potentiometers mounted onto each other so you can still follow the Tone Capsule user manual to wire them.

Can I use my DG pedal as a preamplifier?

Yes! The output volume will depend on the sensitivity of the power amp, but we have tried our pedals on different power amplifiers and they work very well as preamps.

Can I use two distortion pedals in chain?

Yes! You will have more noise but it is completely safe to use more than one distortion at the same time. Feel free to experiment.

What is the difference between BXX series and Vintage series?

Main difference is the voicing post overdrive: The BXK/U are voiced to be very aggressive and percussive sounding. The words punch and attack come to mind when describing their character - whereas the Vintage is more focused on the mid range, providing and mildier, warmer and creamier sound to the overdriven signal.

How can I register my Darkglass product?

You can register your product at mypedal.darkglass.com and enter the serial number and required info.
Sometimes the product is too new or too old and will not be in the database. In that case, please contact (https://www.darkglass.com/contact/) so we can generate or load the serial number for you.

If I register my product, you will sell the information to other brands?

No! We will never sell or send any of your private information to other brands or companies. Be sure that the information that you gave us is important for us and we respect the privacy of our customers.

I bought a used Darkglass pedal, can I register it?

Yes! We will contact the latest owner and we will have your information on our database.

Why Darkglass does not have a phaser/flanger/chorus.

There are many other companies doing those kind of pedals. We believe that we can still do a lot for the distortion sound of all the bass players but in the future all is possible, don’t be too surprised if we came with something new and interesting ;).

How can I apply for an Endorsement?

There are some requirements for an endorsement deal, like being a professional, touring musician with published records and a significant following or influence.

If you think you have these traits, contact us https://www.darkglass.com/contact/

Please include all the web and social media links to your musical projects in your initial email.