Alex Webster

Cannibal Corpse

"This is the first time I’ve used an overdrive pedal (The B3K) in my live rig. It’s been working great for me, makes me wish I’d done it sooner. Truly bone crushing overdrive pedals. Seriously, this is the heaviest sound I’ve ever had. Beyond stoked."

Tony Levin

Tony Levin

"I'm enjoying using my B3K on tour and recordings."

Billy Gould

Faith No More

"The people at Darkglass Electronics must be bass players, because it’s the first time I’ve used a drive pedal that not only sounds right, it FEELS right."

Dick Lövgren


"The Vintage Deluxe is brilliant. Sounds sweet, great playability and sits well in the mix, letting the low end do its job while heavily distorted."

Jon Stockmann


Adam “Nolly” Getgood


"With the Microtubes, Darkglass have totally nailed the perfect balance of aggression and clarity. I can’t believe how much distortion you can dial in without compromising the note fundamental or sheer amount of low end. The 3 different modes are all distinct and cover a large range of sounds – whether live or in the studio, you’ll never need another bass overdrive pedal! "

Steve DiGiorgio

Steve DiGiorgio

"When in the studio or on stage, my B7K not only makes me sound the way I want to sound, but makes me feel better, and when you feel better, you play better."

Nate Mendel

Foo Fighters

Juan García-Herreros


Jeff Matz

High on Fire

Amos Williams


"Touring can be hard on your gear. Darkglass are solid! Built like tanks, and reliable. Not only that, but I can always dial in the tone I need in seconds, be it a slight boost, or the sound of the universe exploding. No matter what I need there's always an overdrive that sits perfectly in the mix. And man...that blue light! — Photo cortesy of: Kristell Gathoye"

Niko Del Hierro


Robbie Merrill


"I LOVE the Vintage Microtubes! - It earned the last available spot on my pedalboard, beating out four other overdrive pedals."

Kevin Otten

Knocked Loose

It’s crazy how Darkglass can let you shape your tone any way you want and help you sound the absolute best

Jeff Hughell

Six Feet Under

"The BK seven has the best bite and Cut through of any DI distortion I've ever used!! It will be a permanent part of my rig."

Tim Lefebvre

Session Bassist

Conner Green


Niilo Sevänen


Alpha·Omega 900 is black magic in a small box! Warm, solid low-end and excellent distortion. Perfect for touring musicians. Darkglass makes the best bass gear on the planet!

Darkglass pedals are built to take a punch and deliver in spades, they have become a vital link in my sound.

Dave LaRue

Personal Website

Jacob Umansky


"The B3K totally rips! I can get a killer full body aggressive tone right out of the box with minimal tweeks. The B3K has given me the aggressive growl I've been looking for in a pedal without losing frequency like most overdrive pedals."

Joseph Lester


"The Microtubes B7K bass overdrive pedal is truly a small wonder! With it's superior engineering and ideally voiced tonal spectrum, the B7K has taken the sound I've always dreamed of in my head and delivered it directly to my live setup, and straight into the faces of my audience, night after night. It's versatility has also allowed me to apply it very differently but with great success in different projects as well. Thank you Darkglass!"

Emma Hughes

Kate Nash

Poliana Magalhães

Solo Bassist

Aaron Bruch

Breaking Benjamin

Photo: Courtney Dellafiora

Or Lubianiker

Project RnL

The Omnific

The Omnific

Tomasz “Orion” Wróblewski


Becky Baldwin


On the first soundcheck with my Darkglass AO900 bass amp I knew I had found the home for my tone. As a fingerstyle player, it has been perfect for getting that little extra punch for the heavy songs I play, but still keeps the clarity. My other pedals became unnecessary, I've never heard a bass amp like this.

Alessandro Venturella


Daisy Pepper

Personal Website

Joe Principe

Rise Against

Cristián Vargas

Tobin Esperance

Papa Roach

Al Cisneros


Jose J. Izquierdo

Angelus Apatrida

Chris van der Walt


Paul D’Amour


"Love the crisp character in the B3K. The minds at Darkglass are creating some magic in the frozen north"

Matt Freeman


Armand Sabal-Lecco

Personal Website

Artists not found

Aaron Bruch

Breaking Benjamin

Photo by Courtney Dellafiora

Aaron Lecesne


Abby Clutario


Adrian Oropeza

After the Burial

Adrian Shapiro


Aki ‘Conan’ Virta


After years of endlessly running through gear in order to find the perfect sound I finally reached my goal by trying out Darkglass. Alpha·Omega 900 and Microtubes B7K Ultra are now an irreplaceable part of my gear both live and in studio, and I couldn't be more satisfied!

Alan Musyfia


Alberto Rigoni

Solo Bassist

"No doubt.. Darkglass pedals are KILLER! What the hell are you waiting for?"

Alejandro Heredia


Alessandro Paveri

Gemini Syndrome

"I have been looking for the perfect distortion pedal for all my life, and with the B7K I finally found the answer. It doesn’t sacrifice your tone, in fact it works all around it! Extremely dynamic and focused, the amount of distortion you can get from this little box is insane. If you want a monster crushing bones tone, that’s definitely the way to go! I can’t wait to see what this company has to offer for the future. Thank you DarkGlass, keep up the great work."

Alessio Dell’Esto

Session Bassist

"Darkglass is my ultimate weapon from mellow dust to burning rage."

Alex LeCavalier

Third Eye Blind

Alex Milovic


Alex Ryan


Álvaro Soms


Amos Heller

Taylor Swift

"A distortion that not only preserves but complements the natural sound of your bass is a singular find. I am glad I found the ‪‎Vintage Deluxe‬!"

Andrea Juarez

Combustión Espontánea

Photo by Gabriel Alvelo

Antonin Rubatat

Session Bassist

Ariel Andrade

Baixo Natural

"It's Like a Thunder on my pedalboard. The right choose either in studio or live."

Bård Linga


Picture by Kevin Hahn

Bootsy Collins

Bootsy's Website

"What I like about my Duality Fuzz pedal is the sound of fresh hard Funk squirting out like a Smooth operator! Get your Grind on & contact Darkglass Electronicx to become a Smooth Operator while playing rough & getting yr hard on! Funk Away, Bootsy baby!!!"

Brad Parris


Braulio Aspé

Crisálida / Octopus

"From mild overdrive, to brutal distortion, the B7K does the job without losing a gram of your natural bass tone. Together with the 4 band EQ, it is a very useful tool in live concerts and recording sessions. The combination of a preamp and overdrive will blow your head out."

Brett Bamberger


"The B7K became my new tone foundation after one trial live run. It reacts amazing with additional distortion pedals for extra filth, records sick & provides the raddest back up plan in the event of a technical difficulty with my amp during the show."

Brian Cook

Russian Circles

Bryce Paul Newman

In Flames

Carl Mayotte


Carlos Kretschmer

BBS Paranoicos

"I've never tried such a versatil and handy pedal such as the B7K. It’s very complete and it opens a wide pallete of choices to achieve your own bass identity. With the B7K you have unique clarity, lots of power and independence. A true machine."

Charles Cave

White Lies

"The B3K just makes the basic tone of my bass so great and adds a really perfect, small amount of very treble-heavy overdrive."

Chris Clark


"The Microtubes B3K sounds amazing!"

"The B7K is by far the best overdrive / preamp I have ever used! The versatility and clarity of the preamp in addition with the tremendous drive makes it a must have for every bassist! Either for studio use or live shows, once you activate it you will never turn it off. It's my Swiss army knife!"

Chris Rodriguez


"If I would be able to build my own overdrive pedal I would simply copy every single detail of the Vintage Deluxe. It is easy to handle and it gives me the warm and deep overdrive sound I was looking for without cutting away anything of my original sound! Playing with fingers or with a pick everything sounds just awesome!"

Chris Waiau

Man Made God

"POWERFUL Darkglass Electronics! This gear allows me to do what I need on stage and in the studio without worry. I know I'll have the same great tone and reliability anywhere. Just tremendous!!"

Chuck Bailey

Whether it is in a live or studio setting Darkglass gear has a versatility to it that is so much more than everything else out there! From a warm, fat and clean kind of accentuated drive to a huge low end Massiveness that does not get lost in any mix it has quickly become my answer to any tone I have needed for any occasion. Every pedal I have from them is one of those “it’s always gotta be on” kind of pedals. Nice to have finally found my Sound! Darkglass FTW!!!

Chuck Dailey

I Mother Earth

Clay Gober


The B7K epitomizes why Darkglass products are superior to all else. It's an invaluable tone shaper in literally every setting.

Daniel Firth

Cradle of Filth

Dave Hollingworth

Dorje / Toska

Darkglass have taken the time to really think about how music has progressed and what the needs of a modern bass player or even producer are. Every Darkglass product I'v used I'v been blown away at the tonal pallet and the way it feels under the fingers, It's never hard to find a tone that sounds great, feels great and just slots perfectly in to the mix be it live or on record.

Dave Swift

Dave's website

David “Brujo” Martínez

El Cuervo de PoeB Chaos

"To me, a pedal must respect the force of a bass guitar. With all my Darkglass pedals, besides respect, it gives my sound many more possibilities"

David Levy


David Sittig

Impending Doom

"Im a gear nerd, finding that perfect bass tone has always been a mission of mine, after years of searching I can honestly say I found it. My B7K gets all the grit and bite I need and most importantly doesn't lose any low end. Nothing but pure sonic destruction!"

Devin Townsend

Devin Townsend

"Darkglass has refined the art of integrating tone INTO your sound as opposed to a synthetic feeling layer on top. Their products represent a new level."

Eli Clark

I Prevail

Eric Little

Visceral Disgorge

Federico Benini

Unfathomable Ruination

Felipe Andreoli


"The Microtubes B7K is an absolute must-have tool for any serious rock bass player. It's clarity, power and respect to the instrument's tone are unparalleled!"

Felipe Gomez

The Bass Invaders

"More than 11.000 kms And just one pedal B7K. I may even start using it to keep bears away"

Felipe Leyton

Solo Project

Francisco de Borja


Fredrik Isaksson

Dark Funeral

Fredrik Larsson


"I got the pedal, and what a fucking pedal! I love it! I have tried it out at home and yesterday I took it to the rehearsal and it sounds amazing! Really easy to dial in a good sound, and there's a lot of good sounds in that pedal."



The brutal balance beetwenn heavyness and distortion!

Gareth Murdock


Giacomo Rossetti


Glen Benton


Greg Styliades

Senses Fail

Gurdip Singh Narang


"The Best Bone Crushing, Face Melting Tone I've achieved with Gutslit, is all because of the Powerful beast made by Darkglass Electronics, humbly titled The B7K. Brutality Unleashed!"

Harold Gielen

Legion Of The Damned

Herc Booze


Igor Diez

Su Ta Gar

J.D. Pinkus

(the) Melvins

James Lascu


Jared Bridgeman

Earth Rot

The Darkglass Vintage Deluxe retains the natural tone of my bass and enhances it to achieve a wide range of dirty tones from a little SVT drive to full blown apocalypse and everything in between.

Javier Bassino

Mixing Engineer

"Darkglass gives me the "like a record" bass sound now with just one pedal"

Jays Jeffery

Make Them Suffer

Jeanne Wawrzyniak

Crossing Rubicon

Jeremy Davis


Jesper Anastasiadis


"The B7K is easily the best overdrive pedal I've come across! It's got versatile connectivity and the EQ knobs cut or boost just the right frequencies. I'm excited to delve into it's tonal possibilities live and in studio!"

Jessie Sanchez


Photo by Erick Martineau.

Jim Hughes

Shattered Skies

Joe Pettengill


Darkglass has been a real game changer for me. Between the Harmonic Booster and the B7K Ultra, these are my always on pedals and play a major part of my tone!

John Campbell

Lamb of God

John Lodge

The Moody Blues

Johnny Christ

Avenged Sevenfold

Johny Chow

Stone Sour

Jon Bakker


Jonathan Wolfe

The Hollowed

"This Darkglass pedal along with my @aguilaramp bass rig is my secret to amazing bass tones both live and in-studio. Whether it's with my bands or the bands that I am recording, I'll always find an excuse to show it off. I'll never get rid of it!"

Jonne von Hertzen

Von Hertzen Brothers

Jørgen Munkeby


Juan Alderete

The Mars VoltaRacer X

"It is a very focused pedal that helps bring distortion into the mix."

Justin Meldal-Johnsen


"The Microtubes B3K is an elegantly designed and pleasingly small pedal with a big overdrive sound, interesting parameters, and the essential blend knob. Highly recommended."

Kaws Yang


"B3K, a fantastic magical box, such a small size but breaking out endless most destructive sound. It's the core of death-core bass"

Keith Duffy

The Corrs

"I've used the B3K a lot and it sounds brilliant!"

Kilian Duarte

Felix Martin

Kurt Blankenship

Hed PE

Kyle Konkiel

Bad Wolves

"Crushing live and in the studio. My Darkglass B7K and B3K give me the tone I've been searching for my whole life and a whole lot more. If it's cleans or grinding overdrive, Darkglass knows what bass players want! My B7k has become my main DI box and the B3k is awesome as a boost or just a little more grind. These pedals are what you've been searching for... And if you're not already using Darkglass.. You better call somebody!"

Laura McElroy


Leonid Maksimov


Lexy Baron


Lie Andi Susanto


Lori Peri

The Safety Fire

Madame Anais Noir

Poison Garden / Session

Markus Reuter


"The Microtubes B3K is a wonderful sweetening tool that gives almost any kind of guitar signal that special contemporary sounding touch and low-end punch. I use several parallel digital and analog overdrive and distortion paths which I mix down and send through the B3K for that extra sweet magic 'glue'."

Matt Deis


"After getting to know this pedal and record with it more id say: "Outside of a tuner, this is the only pedal in my rig and it is always on. It's the best preamp I've ever used and it's like having an expensive tube amp at your feet."

Mauricio Almazan


"As a bassist, my mission is to give the maximum thickness to the music I play following that double bass drum with aggressiveness: The B7K gives me that crisp tone that, on top of its state-of-the-art distortion, It does not lose the low end as many other pedals. Mid frecuencies are just perfect and very versatile. The B7K is also a DI box, ideal to send the tone signal to any mixer, when I'm going live or at the studio. No more carrying amps, with Darkglass I go DIRECT 2 THA HED!!!"

Michael Poggione


"The BK7 easily overpowers and dominates any Preamp/DI/Bass overdrive pedal on the market. It sets a new standard for all bassist whom are in search of the most powerful bass tone to match their personal desires....the possibilities are endlessly and are at your finger tips! Shear destruction is at hand!"

Michael Rinne


Michel Laredo

Personal Website

Mike Flores


"The Vintage Microtubes is the most musical and transparent drive i’ve used. In the studio and live,my bass sounds pure with drive that is inspiring. ~ Thank you Darkglass!"

Misha Mansoor


"I am a big fan of a gritty and distorted bass tones, but with all the other pedals that i have tried that you have to compromise low end fundamental to acheive well defined grit. The B7K is the first pedal that manages to excel at both, and that’s why it is my go-to studio pedal! "

Niklas Sandin


"I'm blown away by the thick and fat sound this little beast produces. It has that grit and growl I've been looking for.It really makes my Warwick basses sound as good as possible and paired with my Micro bass 2 from EBS i feel really confident on stage."

Nikolai Fraiture

The Strokes

Nikolay Tsvetkov


Oliver Craggs

Feed the Rhino

"The Microtubes B7K is now a mainstay in my live rig for Feed The Rhino. The B7K gives me the ability to have the low end of my tone clean, but with a edgy aggressive top end, which is exactly how I like it!"

Olivier Pinard


"The B3K is the definition of what a overdrive pedal should be , perfect addition to my live rig!!"

Pablo Holman

Entertain The Beast

Patrick Hunter

Pseudo Future

"My Darkglass gear has truly pushed my tone to the next level with insane clarity, thundering low end and a massive amount of grit. Nothing can come anywhere close to the monsterous sounds you can dial from a Darkglass product."

Paul Di Leo


Paul Hinojos

At The Drive In

Paul Turner


"My Darkglass pedals have so much character, I've been using the Duality with -The Dark Sinatras- for the recent album -Happy Families- and getting an awesome Hammond like -phat fuzz tone-. I love the ability to blend the different styles of fuzz on the Duality. The Vintage Microtubes gives a nice amp like fur to the note too."

Pete Griffin

Session Bassist

"I'm very impressed with the tones I can get and the B3K overdrive has a very 'warm' quality that I really like a lot."

Ray Wu


From B3K to Alpha Omega, Darkglass never left my pedalboard. (​photo by Hung Jung Lin)

Rob van der Loo


"The B7K has exactly what I need… It’s simple, effective, versatile, 100% road-proof and it’s the only overdrive out there that keeps my sound authentic. Compare it with cooking. I’ve been looking for the right pepper without loosing the taste of my steak… And I finally found it. — Photography by Tim Tronckoe"

Robert Cardenas


Darkglass has what it takes to cut through all the guitar madness. Steller products with the right frequencies.

Rodrigo Valenzuela


Roehnna Velasco

Cowgirls From Hell

Roel Käller


"Darkglass has changed my sound forever when the B3K and B7K came into my life. I recently switched to the Alpha Omega Ultra, which is now the heart of my pedalboard. I can now easily switch between an overdriven sound for heavy parts and a clean sound for lyrical fretless passages, without losing warmth and punch. An EQ, overdrive, speaker simulator and DI in one package; the best pedal I ever owned! - Photography by Eddy Jolen"

Roop Thomas Philip


Rulo-David Eidelstein

Los Tetas

Ryan Lerner


Ryan Neff

Miss May I

"I have been using the Darkglass B7K and B3K live since 2012, and now in the studio as well. The B7K and B3K combination give me an aggressive tone that stays true to the natural tone of my basses pickups. Not only do I have the tone I want but these pedals are road tested and have given me no issues, even after countless overseas trips."

Sarah JoAnne Draper

Personal Website

Sean Tibbets


Photo by Natalia Enemde

Sergey “Serhio” Karshev

BiomorphInner Fear

"If you want to have the best overdrive on the Earth without losing the natural voice of your instrument - you must have this incredible pedal (B7K) ! It sounds like a monolith - perfect mix of a fundamental bass sound and the brilliant fuzz. Superb clarity and very flexible controls. It's really something!"

"Believe any Darkglass hype you hear, the B3K gives my bass tone the grit and bite to be heard whenever I need to cut through, but without sacrificing any of the tone or clarity I want to go with it."

Simon Francis

Personal Website

"The Microtubes B7K has become an intrinsic part of my tone - offering everything from gritty warmth to an all out roar! Always articulate and responsive. I never turn it off."

Sion Chen

Constant & Change

Darkglass is always my best parter with super fast response and transparent output.

Spencer Metela

Hate Storm Annihilation

Stefan Sandman

Time Columns

Stefano Franceschini


Steve Micciche

Every time I Die

Sylvia Massy

Sylvia Massy

Tilen Hudrap

Vicious RumorsParadox

"Darkglass Microtubes B3K bass overdrive is truly amazingly versatile in all aspects: it's growly and punchy, yet clear and aggresively powerful, while maintaining total clarity of the low end and overall control of the tone.Totally crushing and highly effective!"

Timo Kahl

Planet Emily

"After years of struggling trying to find the perfect bass sound, the B3K came along and changed everything.In combination with my Bass & Amp I’m getting a really nice sound. It’s that good! The B3K is a 'wonderbox'."

Todd Stern


Tomás Gonzaga

Daydream XI

"Being part of this family is more than an honor, but a dream come true. The pedal Microtubes B7K is the meeting of all the attributes and requirements that can be imagined to have the best distortion pedal with pre-amp. It is an indispensable pedal for any bass player of rock or metal. No matter the rest of your equipment, the pedals of Darkglass Electronics will make all the difference in your sound!"

Tony Campos


Tony Puleo

Tor Egil Kreken


"The B3K is the pedal I’ve spent years looking for! It has THE sound!! It gives me a super-punchy and aggressive overdrive, but stays defined and tight. The Attack Switch is brilliant for cutting through in a heavy mix. Between that, the Grunt Switch and the Blend, there’s no need for more tonal control. — Photo courtesy of: Jørn Veberg"

Tosin Abasi

Animals as Leaders

Troy Sanders


Uriah Duffy

WhitesnakeAlicia Keys

"I was never a big bass distortion guy, but this pedal is changing that. I can get nearly invisible grit that makes the bass more touch sensitive, or full out distortion without losing the bottom- and all my articulation is maintained! — Photo courtesy of: Kenneth Morris"

Valentin Hauser

Betraying the Martyrs

Valery Yushkevich

The HysteriaShokran

Victor Brandt


Victor Ivashenko

Max Barskih

Vincent Cuevas

Personal Website