By Sebastián Chacana Dec 07. 2018

«The Music Industry has morphed into a place I couldn’t have imagined»

When he was five years old, Chris Chaney spent the whole summer at his grandmother’s house and that experience shaped up his identity as a musician. “She was a ragtime pianist and had piano books of Scott Joplin’s music” he remembers, “I loved how she played so she gave me lessons and taught me the basics of reading treble and bass clef”. “Having the reading skill in my back pockets has allowed me to take on super cool projects”.

Those musical projects have included soundtracks, pop, rock, Latin, classical and indie music, a colorful crossover that he values immensely. “I don’t have one style that I prefer, I love it all!” Chris tells us, “I just played the Latin Grammy Gala in Vegas and was introduced to some great new music… Monsieur Periné really blew me away! There are tons of great local bands that are just amazing. I love what Louis Cole and Genevieve Artadi are doing with their band Knower”.

(Video by Produce Like A Pro)

 A lot has changed since Chris’ big break in 1995, with a then-small Canadian artist called Alanis Morrissette. As part of her touring band, he was able to play in clubs, then theaters, arenas, and stadiums as the “Jagged Little Pill” phenomenon took over the world. Now, with social media and streaming platforms taking over, he shares his point of view. “Over the past decade, the industry has morphed into a place I couldn’t have imagined and there are positives and negatives to this” he adds. “Before streaming, YouTube and iTunes, your chances of being listened to as an unsigned band were next to nil” he explains, “these days, everyone has the ability to get their art out into the world and it’s up to you to find it and navigate the gazillion bands and solo artists that exists”.

With Jane’s Addiction taking a break, there’s other music on the horizon, Kind Heaven Orchestra, the solo band from Jane’s Addiction’s front man Perry Farrell. “Perry had the idea dating back around 5 years or so” he tells us about the project, which is created around an immersive theater experience set to debut in Vegas. “Last summer Tony Visconti, (David Bowie’s historic producer), came on board to produce and it was a great experience working with him” Chris adds, “and there’s a lot of incredible players like Matt Chamberlain, Taylor Hawkins, Elliot Easton, Phil X, Mike Garson, Matt Rohde, Dhani Harrison, Harry Gregson- Williams, etc.”. “The record is a very cool mix of electronic elements mixed in with live performances and more organics instrumentation”, is set for release in 2019.