F.A.Q. Microtubes 900

My pedal does not turn on what can I do?

The simpler the test the better, get off your pedal from your pedal board and connect just your bass, your amp and the power supply. If the lights does not turn on and the power supply work well with other pedals check that the polarity of the power supply is correct. All our pedals use center negative polarity. If your pedal still does not work contact us at support@darkglass.com or with the dealer where you buy your pedal from.

Can I run the pedal to a different voltage?

Most of our pedal can be used to 12V or even 18V with the exception of the symmetry compressor, etc ,etc.

Can you recommend me a power supply for my pedals

Any regulated 9VDC center negative power supply with a capacity of at least 200mA should work. If you need to power more pedal provably you will need a power supply able to supply more mA. Most of the big companies have good power supplies (fulltone, T-rex, etc.)

Can I use my pedal to record directly to my audio interface?

Yes! You can use the direct out or the normal output to connect it to your interface. You should be sure that your interface or your power supply have a good ground connection. Power supplies commonly have a floating ground to avoid ground loops. That mean that the main ground connection on your chain is your amp. If your amp or interface does not have a good ground connection you probably will have hum.

How can I register my pedals?

To activate the Warranty, we encourage you to register your product on 'My Pedal' and enter the serial number on the back of your pedal.

I want to register my pedal but I can’ find the serial number. What I can do?

If your pedal is earlier than 20XX then send us a picture of the pedal and we will create a special serial for you. You can contact us at support@darkglass.com

I bought an used darkglass pedal can I register it?

Yes! We will contact the latest owner and we will have your information on our database.

If I register my pedal you will sell the information to other brands?

No! We will never sell or send any of your private information to other brands or companies. Be sure that the information that you gave us is important for us and we respect the privacy of our customers.

Which is the difference between B3K and VMT?

Main difference is the voicing post overdrive: The B3 and 7K are voiced to be very aggressive and percussive sounding. The words punch and attack come to mind when describing their character - whereas the Vintage is more focused on the mid range, providing and mildier, warmer and creamier sound to the overdriven signal.

And between B7K and VMTD?

Most of the differences above apply to the B7K and VMTD, the only added discreopancy between these two pedals is that the B7K has two mid controls (Low Mids and Hi Mids) where the VMTD only the Low mids and the ERA knob.

Can I use two distortion pedals in chain?

Yes! You could have more noise but it is completely safe to use more than one distortion at the same time. Feel free to experiment.

Why Darkglass does not have a phaser/flanger/chorus.

There are many companies doing those kind of pedals. We believe that we can still do a lot for the distortion sound of all the bass players but in the future all is possible, don’t be too surprised if we came with something new and interesting ;).

How can I apply for a Endorsement?

Please, get in touch with Loren, our Brand Manager. loren@darkglass.com

Can I visit your shop?

Sure, just email Doug. doug@darkglass.com

I have a B7K a power amp and a cabinet. Can I use the B7K as a preamp?

Yes! The output volume will depend of the sensitivity of the power amp but we have tried the B7K on different powers and it work very well. You can also try the Vintage deluxe, the B7K ultra and the Vintage Deluxe Ultra.

I have a Bass with 4holes and I want to install the tone capsule how I can do it?

The Tone Capsule comes with Noble 50k-lin center detent potentiometers. Best Bass Gear has a stacked version which you can use for two bands on the EQ (Bass and High Mids for example) and have 3 remaining holes for the thirds EQ band, and whatever volume/pickup configuration you prefer. A stacked/Dual pot is basically two potentiometers mounted onto each pother so you can still follow the Tone Capsule user manual to wire them.