F.A.Q. Microtubes 900

Can I use the amplifier without a load?

Yes, you can use the M900/M500 without a load and take the signal from the DI or preamp out to other devices.

How can I register my Darkglass product?

You can register your product at mypedal.darkglass.com and enter the serial number and required info.
Sometimes the product is too new or too old and will not be in the database. In that case, please contact (https://www.darkglass.com/contact/) so we can generate or load the serial number for you.

I bought an used darkglass pedal can I register it?

Yes! We will contact the latest owner and we will have your information on our database.

If I register my product, you will sell the information to other brands?

No! We will never sell or send any of your private information to other brands or companies. Be sure that the information that you gave us is important for us and we respect the privacy of our customers.

What Cabinet impedance and power rating should i use with the M500?

The M500 is rated at 500W @ 4 Ohms. This means that you can use Cabinets, or combinations of cabinets with an impedance 4 Ohms AT LEAST. NEVER connect a load less than 4 ohms to the output of the amp. The amp will shut down or get damaged if you do.

The M500 will produce this power versus impedance:
500W @ 4 Ohms
250W @ 8 Ohms
125W @ 16 Ohms"

What kind of cabinet should i use with the M900?

"The M900 is rated at 900W @ 4 Ohms or 2 Ohms
This means that you can use Cabinets, or combinations of cabinets with an impedance depending on the "minimum impedance" switch position.

NEVER use less impedance than the minimum impedance selected (2 ohms min or 4 ohms min)

The M900 will produce this power versus impedance:
With " 4 Ohms min" selected:
- 2 Ohms: NO!!!
- 4 Ohms: 900W
- 8 Ohms: 500W

With " 2 Ohms MIN" selected:
- 2 Ohms: 900W
- 4 Ohms: 500W
- 8 Ohms: 350W

The choice of cabinet configurations is very personal. We recommend using our custom made DG 410C and 210C cabinets for our products.

Can I use a normal footswitch with my M500 or M900?

No, the Microtubes amps have a specially designed digital footswitch. If you need a replacement contact us (https://www.darkglass.com/contact/) or with one of our Dealers (http://darkglass.com/dealers/)

Why there is a deluxe version of the footswitch for the microtubes Amps?

The footswitch of the microtubes amps was designed to be simple and still have good control of the amp. But if you are a session musician or your music is complex and you need full control of the amp you can get the deluxe edition.

How can i use my amp in a rack?

The best way to rackmount the M900/500 is using a 2U Rack tray.

The amp can be fixed to the tray by screwing the rubber feet screws through the tray bottom. It works very well.

What should i do if my Darkglass product has a problem?

If your Darkglass product has any issue, like a defect, malfunction, or any warranty-covered problem, please contact the dealer. He should be able to solve your problem much quicker and better than us (from Helsinki). If they are not able to help you, please let us know and we will chime in to find a solution.

Why Darkglass does not have a phaser/flanger/chorus.

There are many other companies doing those kind of pedals. We believe that we can still do a lot for the distortion sound of all the bass players but in the future all is possible, don’t be too surprised if we came with something new and interesting.

How can I apply for an Endorsement?

There are some requirements for an endorsement deal, like being a professional, touring musician with published records and a significant following or influence. If you think you have these traits, contact us https://www.darkglass.com/contact/"