By Sebastián Chacana Apr 27. 2018

“It’s definitely an honor to be involved in this” “I have a bucket list of art projects I have wanted to be involved in” says British artist Chris Lovell, “Some are extremely nerdy, but one was definitely to be involved in artwork on musical equipment”. Now, with the release of the new limited edition Microtubes...

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By Franco Mar 30. 2018

Congrats to Florian Le Borgne! He’s the lucky winner of a Microtubes B7K Ultra v2. We will get in touch with you shortly. Stay tuned for next giveaways! Franco.

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By Sebastián Chacana Mar 22. 2018

“Alpha·Omega Ultra is truly a game changer” Alpha·Omega Ultra was just unveiled at NAMM and its versatility and revolutionary features are making waves in the music world. In the middle of a nationwide tour with Zoviet, L.A. based bass player Matthew Dennis has already played with our new pedal: “It’s truly a game changer” he...

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By Sebastián Chacana Feb 19. 2018

Bass Gear Magazine honored our latest pedal. More than 7,000 brands were present for 2018’s NAMM Show in California and, once again, Darkglass took over the event with the release of the Alpha·Omega Ultra. The super-versatile bass pre-amplifier was the star of this year’s show as we revealed its characteristics: Two distortion circuits, high dynamic...

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By Sebastián Chacana Jan 19. 2018

After 36 years in the business, Dave explains the keys to a long-standing career. Between his work with the Jools Holland band, recording sessions, clinics, touring and being a first-time dad, Dave Swift has found a time-gap to answer our questions. “I’m working almost every day this month” he explains, “so still little or no...

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