Darkglass Suite is free software that allows you to create and share presets, load impulse response based cabinet simulations, and configure your Darkglass amplifiers and pedals with a USB port or wireless connection*. It comes with hundreds of free and ready-to-use impulse responses captured by Darkglass artists and audio professionals, and also allows you to load your own impulse responses.

*Available features vary depending on the product.

Exponent ⁵⁰⁰

Darkglass Suite unlocks the full potential of Exponent⁵⁰⁰ by providing an interface to interact and modify the signal chain running on each preset. Use the iOS or Android versions of the Darkglass Suite to create, edit, share, and apply presets.

Programmable Line

Customize the settings of each preset to your liking. The signal chain options are available with the embedded noise gate, in addition with the use of the available IR’s from our library or your custom third party impulses to the available slots.



Select between two different types of graphic EQs, tube power amp simulations, and access to a growing library of high-quality IR cabinet simulations. The desktop version also enables firmware updates and loading your own 3rd party IR’s.

Amplifier Line

Using the desktop version allows you to select and use any of our available impulse responses from our provided library in addition to loading your own custom impulse responses. In addition, you can control the amplifier channel settings for the Super Intelligent Footswitch.

Ultra Line

Utilizing the desktop version of the Darkglass Suite allows you to load one of the available impulses responses of our library or add you custom / third party impulses to use with your pedal. In addition you can control the headphones level output.


Hyper Luminal

By using the desktop version of the Darkglass Suite you can adjust the time and attack settings of each mode, the side chain parallel low pass filter, the mode of the release and attack settings and enable or disable the “guitar” mode.

Technical Information


Operating system requirements
Windows 10
OS X 10.10 or later
Android 7.0 or later


Supported pedals
Alpha·Omega Ultra
Alpha·Omega Ultra V2 (AUX-IN)
Microtubes B7K Ultra v2
Microtubes B7K Ultra V2 (AUX-IN)
Vintage Ultra v2
Vintage Ultra V2 (AUX-IN)
Microtubes X Ultra
Hyper Luminal Compressor
Aggressively Distorting Advanced Machine
Alpha·Omega Φoton
Microtubes Infinity


Supported amplifiers
Microtubes 900 V2
Alpha·Omega 900
Microtubes X 900
Microtubes 500v2
Alpha·Omega 500
Exponent 500