By Sebastián Chacana Jun 16. 2017

This amazing artist unleashed his talent in one of our creations.

Digital illustrator Ignacio Bazán’s name might not ring a bell at first. But if you’re a videogame fan, you might have seen his job more than once: Halo Wars 2, Aliens: Colonial Marines and Section 8: Prejudice are just a few of the titles he has worked on, creating epic creatures and detailed landscapes filled with light and color, all for your gaming delight.

After school I had my first opportunity in the world of illustration” says this Argentinian born concept artist about his beginnings, “through a friend I contacted Saharasa Entertainment and got a job designing in a game called Malvinas 2032, the first one developed in my country”. Since then, almost 20 years ago, he has become one of the top names in the gaming industry, branching out to movies, graphic novels and even trading cards.

Now living in the UK and working with Creative Assembly, the pairing with Darkglass for the Limited Edition B7K Ultra is not accidental: “Music has always occupied an important space in my life, specially during my adolescence” he remembers, “I’ve been in some rock bands and even today I keep playing the drums and learning the guitar”. The idea, then, was to represent these two worlds in just one amazing design.

The most important thing for this creation is to impact and that every musician can relate to it” he shares talking about his inspiration, “music is part of my life, so combining my passion for illustration with that is a dream come true”.