By Sebastián Chacana Apr 22. 2019

I like mixing up both the Duality and the B7K Ultra

We have some new projects but, we want to surprise everyone, so we are leaving it for people to figure out”, says Paul Hinojos about his musical presents since At the Drive-In announced an indefinite hiatus at the end of 2018. The super-band, which reunited in 2015 for the second time toured the world and released one full-length album and one EP before deciding to refocus on solo projects.

Hinojos, who has also played with The Mars Volta, Look Daggers and Sparta, knows that each of his projects needs specific gear. “Each band has its own tone and sound”, he explains about the gear he chooses, “especially for At The Drive-In, as there are so many different unique tones per song”.

I like mixing up both the Duality and the Microtubes B7K Ultra”, says Hinojos about his favorite Darkglass pedals. Duality Fuzz has a special place in the collection, “I think it’s made for any bass player that wants that break up fuzz tone without compromising losing the low end”.

About his preferred settings, he says, “there are too many to count”. “I turn the knob with my feet when I solo or even during the set, especially when I need more power to cut or feature the bass” he adds, “I love Darkglass and I tell all my musician homies about it!”.