By Sebastián Chacana Jun 18. 2017

A beloved Darkglass creation gets a makeover and is ready for its june 19th release.

Every Darkglass creation represents a specific moment in our history as a company, so the challenge is not only to develop new sonic machines but also to keep perfecting them as time goes by. And if we started out with the Microtubes B7K and then it evolved into its Ultra incarnation, it was about time to shake things up again.

In that task, we crossed paths with a talented partner: Argentinian artist Ignacio Bazán, a well-known illustrator in the videogame world, was ready to transform our versatile pedal into a renewed beast. “The possibility to work with Darkglass was really crazy” he shares about this collaboration, “since I was a kid I always aspired to create worlds, to invent stories, and drawing was the way to do that”.

A drum player by his own right, he wanted to make his pairing with the B7K unique. “To drawn in a white piece of paper is not the same that creating something that has to adapt to a product” ha says, “so the B7K Ultra was really attractive for me because of the distribution of its knobs and buttons”. And Ignacio goes even further: “My goal was to make something that has an impact between the musicians, so they feel represented by the creation”.

He used his own body of work to get inspiration and the result is filled with Nordic mystique: “I went through a lot of designs and proposals, all related with mythological creatures” Ignacio reveals “and at the end I drew a Kraken, a big octopus that represents the fingers of every bass player”. Now, a new colossus is ready to be unleashed, one with all the deeper tone-shaping characteristics of the B7K Ultra but upgraded with an a-class design.