By Sebastián Chacana Jul 04. 2017

Back in 2011, Darkglass was just starting to make waves in the bass gear industry. That year, Franco Azócar met our team while studying Product Design Engineer in Valparaíso, and that encounter marked a change in his career path: “Music has always been an important part of my life” he says, “and it’s great to work in a company that has a direct bond with musicians”. Now in charge of social media, corporate image and industrial design in Darkglass, that challenge is on.

“I really like to think that through design I help bass players all over the world to find tools to discover their voice and explore it” he tells us about the idea behind his current work. And even while he’s not a musician (“I play guitar, badly” he says jokingly, “and with the bass I’m even worst”), there’s a spirit behind the Darkglass philosophy that he’s fully onboard: “The slogan of our amp is ‘The world needs inspired artists more than ever’ and that reflects the inspiration behind Darkglass”.

A long process that comes from a project to a finished product: “I’m in charge of transforming the ideas of the development team through tridimensional models and renders, and also communicate Darkglass distinctive identity through our different platforms”“Our sound is modern” Franco adds, “so the aesthetic of our products and our company should be in line with that”.  And with renowned Industrial Designer Dieter Rams as a referent, his inspiration is to “design simple products that clearly express what they’re made for and that are intuitive… also, a good design has to be beautiful”.

“From my side, the approach to design is minimalism” he concludes, “and I’ve tried to put in everything I’ve done for our brand image and the design of our products”“It’s important to keep in mind the needs and concerns of our users” he adds, “the world needs more music and it’s our duty to come up with great tools that allow bass players to be heard”.