By Sebastián Chacana Jun 09. 2017

While producing and creating new music for his label Koolarrow, this bass legend seizes the Trump administration.

After the release of Sol Invictus –Faith No More’s first record in 18 years– Billy Gould is trying to slow down. “It’s been a battle to curb my workaholic tendencies” he says about the promotion and touring of this album, “but last year was a busy year and since then we’ve all been taking a break”. Based on California, the change of pace has contrasted with a tumultuous year for his country: With a new president and amidst national tension, the bass player shares his thoughts about the new era… and the role musicians should take in it.

It’s definitely surreal” says the Darkglass artist, “I am still in shock that this guy was able to pull the election”. And for him, Trump’s victory has already changed the US: “He tapped into something that was already there, not rational but emotional and angry” he explains, “it views the world through a very narrow lens, carried out by people who do not feel connected to others… and that’s a pretty dangerous combination”. He even goes further: “The sad truth is that he has a very large base of supporters who fell empowered by his behavior”.

Should artists take a stand then? Billy thinks that’s a personal choice: “Artists should continue to stand by what they create” he shares, “and have the balls to do it”. But now, there’s more on the table. “As a musician, I don’t like the idea of being some kind of political spokesperson, but as an American, is important to look outside and get connected with people in other places” says Billy, something aligned with his own career. “I’ve been privileged to travel and learn about things” he adds, “and if I see something that’s not right, or being misrepresented and I have information that says otherwise, I have to say something”.

This moment “is very fragile, and it seems that we will have to get used to watching things break that will probable not be rebuilt” he concludes about the scenario, “in business, with the environment and between people”. Understanding this problem, for him, is the key to overcome any difficulty: “Many people have been dealing with bullshit like this for a long time and they know and can see trough the tricks”.