By Sebastián Chacana Sep 02. 2018

“Hyper Luminal offers something unique and useful to musicians”

It’s been a busy year for Darkglass with the announcement of some new game-changing products and enhanced versions of some classic creations. Once again, the new pushes the boundaries of bass gear: It’s time for ….. Hyper Luminal · Hybrid Compressor.

This release is for curious musicians” our CEO Doug Castro tells us, “the ones who can appreciate the big differences that small details can make in their sound”. That’s why this new creation comes with a surprise, as it features the first hybrid design in a compressor pedal: An analog VCA controlled by a digital side-chain while keeping the signal path completely analog.

Doug explains the reason behind the design: “I’ve always wanted to bring digital control to analog systems, as you get the best of both worlds, with flexibility and very useful features while keeping a purely analog signal path”. “We tried to make something that offers something truly unique but still useful for the users” he adds, and Hyper Luminal -which ships with 3 selectable models (BUS, FET, and SYM, with more to be added)- is “a very refreshing take on compression”.

As always, the goal was to enhance sonic possibilities and intuitiveness of Darkglass products, this time with state of the art touch-through-metal sensors for the compression “Ratio” and “Mode”. “I think touch sensors add a refreshing way to interact and control pedals” Doug affirms, “also, they offer much better reliability and flexibility compared to mechanical, rotary switched or encoders”.

People seem to be loving the latest products” Doug adds, “we have grown consistently, and I think a big part of that is the quality and level of engineering we have developed for our pedals”. And as we’ve already seen the release of Alpha·Omega Ultra and Hyper Luminal this 2018, there’s more to come: “We are always trying to come up with new, better things and reinvent ourselves and take risks for the sake of pushing the boundaries of what we can do”.