By Sebastián Chacana Dec 07. 2018

«The Music Industry has morphed into a place I couldn’t have imagined» When he was five years old, Chris Chaney spent the whole summer at his grandmother’s house and that experience shaped up his identity as a musician. “She was a ragtime pianist and had piano books of Scott Joplin’s music” he remembers, “I loved...

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By Sebastián Chacana Nov 30. 2018

The Dawning of the X Era Two new pedals and the beginning of a brand-new era for Darkglass. The X series represents our desire to cover the whole bass distortion spectrum, allowing players to go from articulate high gain to punchy mild overdrive, raw and gnarly fuzz and everything in between. “We wanted to engineer...

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By Sebastián Chacana Nov 15. 2018

«I try to be the kind of musician, and person, I would like to work with myself» “I’m really grateful for the opportunity” says Victor Brandt, right in the middle of touring as the newest member of Dimmu Borgir. Five months ago, the Norwegian musicians enlisted Victor to play bass on their 25th anniversary world...

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By Sebastián Chacana Oct 30. 2018

“Every milestone we’ve reach is 100% because of our fans” “I was a fan of the band and friends with Ben for so long it felt natural right from the start”, says Aaron Bruch about officially joining Breaking Benjamin’s line-up back in 2014. The relation between this bass-player/singer and his the band goes back to...

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By Sebastián Chacana Oct 19. 2018

“It’s been a wonderful journey and I’m incredibly proud of where we are now” Ten years ago, The War on Drugs played their first show in the UK. The crowd was around 20 people. Now, they’re preparing to play London’s O2 Arena in December, a venue that can host 20.000 fans. A long way for...

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