By Sebastián Chacana Oct 30. 2018

“Every milestone we’ve reach is 100% because of our fans”

I was a fan of the band and friends with Ben for so long it felt natural right from the start”, says Aaron Bruch about officially joining Breaking Benjamin’s line-up back in 2014. The relation between this bass-player/singer and his the band goes back to 1999, when he and lead singer Benjamin Burnley played in the same local scene. “We always wanted to play together, but the timing was never right” he reveals about the process, “the music was already personal to me, so I think that made the transition seamless”.

Even though Aaron has been in Breaking Benjamin for just a few years, the American rockers have been performing –with various line-up changes- since 1999. For almost twenty years they have remained relevant, which is possible for only one reason, “We are a fan-driven band”, he says, “every accomplishment or milestone we’ve been able to reach is 100% because of them”.

Their process of constantly evolving is represented on “Ember”, Breaking Benjamin’s latest album, which showcases a harder sound for the band. “We couldn’t be prouder of what we created together”, he acknowledges, “we wanted to expand the band’s overall sound and the response has been overwhelmingly positive”. “Our fans all have their own stories about how our music has helped them”, Aaron adds, “it’s hard to describe the feeling of knowing that something you helped create is making that kind of difference in someone’s life”.

That close relationship with their fanbase, is more than important, as they’ll be playing across the US till December. “The tour has been great” he tells us, “5 Finger Death Punch, Nothing More, and Bad Wolves have all been killing it every night”. “It’s been a super chill family atmosphere for the whole run, which makes touring a pleasure” he concludes.

Darkglass is part of every show, “My current rig is a dual channel Sennheiser EM 2050 wireless into a Radial JX62 switcher feeding a fractal audio Axe-Fx II with a Microtubes B7K Ultra in the FX loop”, he tells us. “The Axe sends two signals to front of house, It sends one direct signal that runs through a tube pre and a sub cab sim, the other is an amp channel with an Ampeg SVT model, the Microtubes B7K ultra and another cab sim. I send a 3rd line direct from my Microtubes 500. We blend the 3 tones and its by far my favorite bass tone I have ever had. We have no actual Cabs on stage so being able to run the microtubes 500 without an ohm load is perfect!