By Sebastián Chacana Sep 01. 2017

Following the success of Alpha·Omega, Alpha·Omicron starts shipping mid-September.

Since the creation of our first co-designed pedal, Alpha·Omega -with help from the amazing Jon Stockman from Karnivool– things are moving fast for Darkglass. Released in the first half of 2017, this creation represented a new territory for our company: A pedal-sized preamp with two distinct distortion circuits, toggle switches and a 3-active band equalizer, which allowed it a never-seen flexibility among our pedals.

“Alpha·Omega is massively successful” shares Doug about that release, “not only it’s currently the top seller for us but it is also the number one bass pedal sold by our key dealers”. Now, a few months down the road, it was time to go far and beyond. “Pedal board is considered real state with the massive increase in pedal usage by bass players” says our CEO, “the new Alpha·Omicron is our solution for bassists who want the growl and versatility of Alpha·Omega but need a more affordable and compact format”.

And after working with well-known designers and musicians, this new collaborative effort is just the beginning. “Darkglass is not even 1% done, we are barely getting started” says Doug, and there will be more announcements this year: “It’s always amazing to collaborate with artists” he adds, “there is always so much to learn from people who have achieved high levels of proficiency and artistic virtue. It’s very educational, humbling and inspiring”.

What could bass players expect from Alpha·Omicron’s September release? “It’s amazingly versatile for its size and format” comments Doug, “and even if you are happy with your current rig, this pedal can add a surprisingly high amount of tonal options to that solid base”. A great feat that has a lot to do with the current moment of Darkglass: “We are really pushing ourselves into growing and living up to our goals for the year”.