By Sebastián Chacana Feb 23. 2017

Darkglass enters the Alpha·Omega Era.

Doug Castro and Jon Stockman let you into the crafting process of Darkglass brand new marvel.

It all started with a fortunate coincidence in the streets of London. Doug got together with Jon Stockman from Karnivool and a great idea was conceived: Co-creating a pedal for the Darkglass family. “More than collaborating with a musician we wanted to collaborate with another sonic architect to take bass tone to the next level” says Doug, “someone who could design signal chains that sounded amazing in a creative, unique way”.

A year and a half later, this collaboration is a reality. Alpha·Omega –our newest pedal- is ready to be unleashed, and there’s excitement in the air. Jon shares the sentiment: “The creative process behind this project was one of the most interesting, challenging and awesome experiences of my life”. “When it came to effect pedals, I’d always wanted to understand what’s under the hood” he adds, “and with Doug’s wealth of electronic wizardry at our disposal, we were able to do some pretty cool things

There was another talented collaborator in the mix: Forrester Savell, who has produced all of Karnivool’s albums, was actively involved in the creation process of the Alpha·Omega. “He and Jon did a ton of tests and sent very specific feedback as to how fine tune both overdrive circuits” says Doug about this hard work, “the good taste, attention to detail, relentless pursuit of the perfect tone and agonizingly detailed feedback they provided was very impressive”.

Early on, I figured we would come reasonably close to producing the specific sonic territory we were reaching for” shares Jon, “seeing the outcome now, I have to say that it is better than I could’ve imagined”. And he expects the users agree: “I was humbled to be asked to take part and I am confident that people will get to enjoy the fruits of our labours much as we enjoyed the process of developing and producing Alpha·Omega”.