By Sebastián Chacana Apr 19. 2017

What to expect in this release? The creators share their insight look.

NAMM 2017 saw the unveiling of two Darkglass prototypes: The Super Intelligent Footswitch and Alpha·Omega were enthusiastically received by bass gear fans, and as we’re getting closer to the launch date, we will share more and more information about this new era for the Darkglass family.

Alpha·Omega represents a step into unknown territory for our company, and the results are shaping up to be wildly successful. The process, nevertheless, was a tremendous challenge: “When you developed a circuit from scratch it can take weeks until you have something that’s kinda good, forget about something awesome” Doug shares, “somehow with a lot of caffeine and sleep deprivation we managed to go from concept to circuit in record time”.

And what are the characteristics of this pedal? “To begin with it has by far the widest dynamic range we have ever implemented into any circuit… with both toggle switches and the Drive knob off it acts as a 100% clean boost, adding subtle character and a lot of fatness”. And he adds: “When it comes to distortion range it can go both cleaner and dirtier than any Microtubes”.

That’s why the result is unprecedented. Jon Stockman agrees: “I feel we have managed to make a distortion pedal that is much more versatile than a one-trick pony… in Alpha·Omega we managed to design a pedal with is unique and at the same level of quality as the mighty B7K”. “Compared to that pedal, this is a much more aggressive and raw drive stage” he adds, “but also Alpha·Omega can impart surprisingly subtle characteristics at lower drive settings”.

Having 2 distortion engines -Alpha and Omega, which give this creation its name- adds a ton of versatility” concludes Doug, “Alpha is a tight and robust sound while Omega is wilder, louder and nastier, which makes it an extremely versatile pedal”. And ahead of its April release, the feedback has been positive: “Everyone who tested the Alpha-Omega prototypes at NAMM said it was beyond good” Doug tells us,Devin Townsend actually said it was probably our best pedal so far”.