By Sebastián Chacana Mar 28. 2017

Paul Turner gets funky with Jamiroquai

March 28 marks a brand new chapter for Jamiroquai. Their new tour starts with a sold-out gig in Paris, and their new album –Automaton, their first in seven years– is released just a few days later. Since 2005, Paul Turner has been an active part of this band, and he’s eager to be back on the road with them: “We are excited” he says, “ and we have a very thrilling live approach with the tour”.

Has been a long process to get a new album done, one that shook things a little bit: “Unlike the last album, when we all recorded live together, we did Automaton individually, with Jay (Kay, Jamiroquai’s vocalist) and Matt Johnson producing and engineering”. This approach “in some way, allowed a little more focus on sounds and parts” he says, “for myself, it meant we really locked in with the bass tones fitting with synths or sometimes sounding like a blend of bass and synth”.

Till November, they will be on stages everywhere, from the United Kingdom to Germany, showing new songs and classics like “Virtual Insanity” and “Space Cowboy”. But even though Jamiroquai’s has been away from the spotlight, Paul has kept himself very busy. “At the end of the day I’m a player and used to playing all the time” he shares, “so if the band takes some time down I like to work in other projects”. Those projects include Brother Strut, touring with Sister Sledge and even music clinics around Europe with Boom and Twang.

And with already two singles out from the new Jamiroquai material (the title track and “Cloud 9”) the response so far has been great. “Jay wanted to retain a boogie throughout so all the tracks have energy to their groove” Paul adds about the new record, “so I think we could catch a big wave with Automaton”.