By Sebastián Chacana Mar 15. 2017

The last few months of Ra Díaz’s life had been frantic. But in a good way. His social media accounts reflect the change, with pictures of countless trips, new cities, friends and shows… lots of shows. In September 2016, he became an official part of Suicidal Tendencies –he had played on tour with them before- and since then, his life isn’t the same: “Ever since I played Suicidal’s songs in my bedroom, I told myself that it wasn’t impossible” he says, “so this is kind of a reward to all the faith and patience I put into it”.

Also in September, Suicidal released World Gone Mad, their first album in three years, so the promoting Schedule has been intense for the band. First the Persistence Tour all over Europe, then a US leg and new dates all over the world. “You get use to it” he says, “we all get along very good and we have become in a real family, so that helps a lot”.

HouSTon tonight! But firST massive thanks to San Antonio for representing big time with another Sold Out show and a full on Cyco night! Dean's home town always comes thru! Thanks for all the lil Cyco's that helped on STage. Texas has been amazing, Tonight's the last show here and then off to Atlanta and Florida, Jeff's home state. Here's tonight's info….very important, note the venue. Where: HouSTon, TX Venue: White Oak Music Hall Doors open at 7PM Havok 8PM Crowbar 8:50PM Suicidal Tendencies 10 PM Note, this is the last of the make up shows…old tickets are good, it's just moved to a different venue….White Oak Music Hall. 🤘🏼 #SuicidalTendencies #WorldGoneMad #WorldGoneMadTour #Crowbar #Havok #WhiteOakMusicHall #Houston #Texas #Tour #TourLife #STAYCYCO

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A Suicidal Tendencies fan since his childhood, this opportunity to share the road and the stage with his idols represents a dream come true: “A few weeks ago me and Dave (Lombardo, drummer) celebrated a year since our first show and we haven’t stopped” the bass player shares, “it has been the best experience of my life”. And with more live dates on the horizon, the idea is just one: “I’m really concentrating on the present” Ra tells us, “trying to play with the band as much as we can”. A mix of discipline and hard work that has been the key of success: “I’m very aware of how much I sacrificed to be here, so I really cherish it even more”.

Now, as he celebrates a new year, he shares part of his tour rig: “I have my Spector custom bass that we called ‘RAD5’ and the biggest wonder is that it has the Tone Capsule on it”. “Wherever we go people approach to ask me how I do it to sound like that thinking that I should have a lot of weird things connected and I just have my bass direct to the amplifier” he adds, “it’s impressive how it made my life easier, specially traveling so much!