By Sebastián Chacana Jun 14. 2017

The musician shares his journey from classic jazz to rocking the bass.

In 2014, Conner Green auditioned to be the bass player of progressive metal band Haken. Nevertheless, being a rocker wasn’t part of the plan: “To be honest, I never expected to be in a band or touring internationally” he says, “traveling to areas of the world I never thought I’d visit, all while playing music I’m passionate about for people that want to hear it, has convinced me I made the right move”.

So what changed? “I was making my way through a degree in jazz bass” he explains about that period in his life, “I was transcribing upright bass solos, studying for classical theory exams and expecting to become a full-time jazz musician and educator”. Nowadays, the scenario is different, and he thinks it’s a valuable piece of advice to be prepared for this kind of opportunities: “Can you sit in with an R&B band? A country band? How about a jazz trio? One of the most useful assets a musician can have is fluency”.

That “fluency” has allowed him to be in the position he is now: For the last few years, Haken has been promoting his fourth studio album Affinity –the first recorded with Conner- and now they’re ready for their 10th Anniversary Tour in the States and Australia. “Touring has been satisfying” Conner says, “Observing many different audiences react to what we play influences my relationship to our songs and, in a strange way, a song doesn’t feel complete to me until we play it live”.

I can’t say that I ever thought I’d be in a rock band” he shares about his current career path. And with the experiences gained over the years, he understands the value of it: “Becoming a part of a band has been a growing experience for me, both musically and personally, and each one of us has vastly different influences, which forces me to step outside of my comfort zone”. And even if he founds some time to play solo –he’ll be heading to Europe to play with Mike Portnoy in late June- he stills founds himself at home with his bandmates: “My favorite part of being in Haken is how much the other guys make me laugh… I laugh harder on tour than I do anywhere else”.