Meet the team

Kristina Volodinaitė

Assembler - Solderer

Did you know your Darkglass pedals were welded and assembled by very beautiful hands? Yes! Kristi is part of the production team and she is very dedicated to assamble all components with precision. She takes care of all the details for every Darkglass product that reaches to your hands be the best.

Francisco Cresp

Quality Control

He changed one extreme of the world for the other one. Directly from the chilean Patagonia “Pancho” joined us with his acute ear and experience checking every Darkglass product for accomplish the high quality standards.

Rafael Castillo

Chief Technology Officer

Jack of all trades, master of quite many! Besides being an electronics engineering guru, Rafa is an amazing composer, singer and guitarist. When he’s not creating and experimenting with new technologies, he is composing, producing and recording for his band Fireland and several other heavy and power metal projects. Tech questions? Rafael would love to hear from you directly:

Kiriaki Pavlidi

Assembler- Solderer

Girls power!! We could not imagine any of our products without Kiriaki’s neat assembling and soldering.Having her as a core member of the production team, has been essential to raise the standards of our products in every aspect. She may not be a musician, but boy…how she rocks!  Always full of ideas, suggestions and constantly improving the assembling line! Our “Soviet machine” will be happy to receive your feedback or questions:

Loren Hill

Brand Manager

Loren Hill quietly plans World Domination through Low Frequency Modulation. He’s assembling his army of only the finest players/soldiers from his secret lair in California. He’s also convinced Hugo is an alien because he plays backwards and upside down.

Marcos Barilatti

Chief Operating Officer

Putting a Darkglass creative chaos in order is an exceptional job for a rare man. And we are lucky to have one! A mastermind, conducting each and every stage of a production, dealing with the suppliers and searching for new courageous team players, Marcos has what it takes to accomplish the impossible in a most seamless way. Any inquiries about logistics,suppliers and careers, or in a need of a life advice, please contact Marcos via

Franco Azócar

Marketing Manager

Directly from another galaxy, Franco casually returned to planet earth, as the man behind all of our Marketing. Grunge at teenager, he is the black sheep of the crew, because he only knows to play guitar (badly!) His dream is to spread the #darkglassthunder wave in every corner of the planet! Magazines, reviews or graphics requests? Franco would love to hear from you directly:

Hugo Villarroel

Sales Manager and Co-Founder

As a good sales ninja, Hugo began the path of wisdom along with Douglas as partners several years ago. His interest in music began at age 6 with piano lessons and various presentations. Then in the rebellious age he turned to rock, with Cliff Burton as his biggest idol. Today, he is entirely dedicated to this sonic odyssey and he claims that this is his way of life, with the great “D” team. Sales inquiries? Hugo would love to hear from you directly:

Douglas Castro

CEO & Founder

Douglas is the wise madman behind all our creations. As a bassist, he could never find the sounds he had in his head. Therefore, he decided to create devices that would allow him and all bassists in the world, to be protagonists, bringing the low end to a new dimension of leadership, inspiration and relevance. Have any comments or thoughts about our pedals? Doug would love to hear from you directly: